Peer Reviews


Peer Reviews

  • Reviews of client land development budgets.
  • Provision of variance details in Excel models as well as memos explaining findings.
  • Consultation services to justify variances and offer recommendations.
  • Identify risks and deficiencies with the current plans and land development budgets.

Budget Reviews

Peer reviews involve a comprehensive analysis of client land development budgets, ensuring that the budget accurately reflects the scope of the project. Peer reviews identify potential cost overruns and offer recommendations to mitigate financial risks.

Variance Analysis

Excel models and memos are created to explain the findings of variance analysis. Peer reviews aim to identify and explain variations between proposed budgets and actual expenditures. The review examines whether the variations are justified or due to insufficient budget planning.

Consultation Services

Peer reviews provide consultation services that help clients justify variances and offer recommendations to minimize financial risks. This service helps clients better understand the budget and potential risks, and make informed decisions.

Risk Assessment

Peer reviews identify potential risks and deficiencies with the current plans and land development budgets. The review examines whether the project is financially viable, whether there are any deficiencies in the design or budget planning, and offers recommendations to mitigate these risks.



  • Improved accuracy
  • Risk mitigation
  • Quality control
  • Cost savings

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A peer review is a process where an independent, third-party reviewer evaluates a land development project to identify potential risks, deficiencies, and opportunities for improvement.

Peer reviews are important because they provide an unbiased evaluation of a project, which can help identify potential problems early on and prevent costly mistakes down the road. They can also offer recommendations for improvement and help justify variances in budgets and plans.

Any land development project, including commercial, industrial, residential, and mixed-use, can benefit from a peer review. Peer reviews are particularly useful for large and complex projects, as well as projects with strict budget or timeline constraints.

The length of a peer review can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Generally, a peer review can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project.